WOAMTEC and Next Step Ministries

WOAMTEC stands for Women on a Mission to Earn Commission, and since its start in 2007, the members of WOAMTEC have supported each other to achieve personal and professional success.

“The 12 founders of WOAMTEC wanted to provide an opportunity where women could help women succeed while keeping their priorities of faith, family and career,” said Executive Director Gina Mounce. “Founder Kathleen Hawkins had just recently adopted three young children. She knew how demanding life was for a successful, working mother and entrepreneur, and how important networking and building community alliances were. WOAMTEC was founded with the goal of not putting more stress on their members, but offering a networking atmosphere where the members supported each other professionally and personally. WOAMTEC does not penalize members if they must be absent or late, but seeks to support that member and assist her in making the most of her membership. If you cannot attend a meeting, instead of saying ‘you’re out,’ we ask, ‘how can we help?’

82-WOAMTECStory1-SFWWOAMTEC’s corporate vision is to expand nationwide, allowing members to market their businesses nationally, to provide educational seminars, trade shows and social opportunities on a regional and national level, and to empower women educationally, personally and socially.”

The goals of this organization are to support the women who are part of it, but there is a larger goal that motivates these women as well. “Women on a Mission to Earn Commission is not only about the financial commissions that we work for, but also about the greater commissions in life of enriching the lives of others in our community,” said Mounce. “When our Winston-Salem WOAMTEC chapter was started in May of 2011, we chose Next Step Ministries as our Charity of Choice. I have a very close friend whose daughter lost her life as a result of domestic violence, and many members’ lives have been affected by domestic violence. In 1998, community leaders came to the realization that many women and children in the Forsyth County area had been beaten, terrorized and sometimes tragically killed. Community leaders recognized that a battered woman and her children need a place of healing and security. They envisioned a place where victims of domestic violence could go for food, shelter, guidance and safety. This is how Next Step Ministries was born. Next Step Ministries is a 501c3 non-profit organization with the goal of assisting victims of domestic violence and their children to break the cycle of violence. WOAMTEC sought to partner with Next Step and make a difference in the lives of these women.”

Instead of offering just financial support, the women of WOAMTEC wanted to do more. “WOAMTEC helps to support Next Step in a variety of ways,” said Mounce. “Next Step has all the benefits of membership without paying any membership fees. Members take promotional materials about Next Step to display at their individual businesses to spread the word about the services available and to inform the community about the needs of the ministry as well. Next Step publishes a wish list of items needed for Martha’s House (the safe house), and the members bring donations of needed items to our meetings, as well as gently used items that are donated to the ministry’s thrift store for sale. We have held special events such as Christmas in July to collect items for the ministry and, for Christmas, we collected a large donation of various gift cards for the residents for Christmas gifts.”

Next Step Ministries has a thrift store which is located at 955 Highway 66 in Kernersville and carries furniture, housewares, clothing, toys, collectibles and more. All proceeds from the thrift store support Next Step’s Battered Women’s Shelter. For more information, including how to donate, visit the website at www.nextstepdv.org.


For more information about WOAMTEC, email winstonsalem@woamtec.com, call 336.830.2088, visit the website at www.woamtec.com or find WOAMTEC on Facebook at www.facebook.com/woamtecws. WOAMTEC members meet every first and third Thursday of the month at Bleu Restaurant and Bar in Winston-Salem.


Join WOAMTEC on April 25th for a vendor fair to support Next Step Ministries, to collect items for Martha’s House and to raise awareness of Next Step Ministries and its thrift shop. The fair will be at The Factory, located at 210 North Main Street in Kernersville from 9am-4pm. “There will be raffles during the day, and we ask for donations of items from the shelter wish list such as dish soap, hand soap and paper towels,” said Mounce. “Donations will get extra raffle tickets. Many people do not know that we have a shelter right here in the Triad to help families who need a safe place. Also, we want to raise awareness for the thrift shop to increase the donations and revenue from the store.” E-mail Gina Mounce at winstonsalem@woamtec.com to get more information on participating.


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